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£20.00 Fix

£20.00 Fix, not including hardware.


£ 5.00 CALL OUT

£ 5.00 Call out Within the Taunton area.

Small business server and PC support packages

We can provide regular checks on your systems, backups, systems integrity, and security.

Virus, malware and spyware removal

Browser hijackers, website redirects, nuisance advertising, popups all removed. Full system check for rootkits, viruses, malware, key loggers, trojans etc.

Computer and laptop repairs or secure disposal

Computers and laptops repaired. Secure disposal of IT equipment.

Data, disaster and password recovery

You think you have lost data, you have an unrecoverable system or you’ve lost your password we can help.

Website design and support

We can create what you want how you want it.

Word 2013 Crash Fix

This solution will work regardless of changes to add-ins changes to equipment etc.

Windows 8.1 Click the windows key, type in “word” without quotation marks. right click the Word 2013 icon and choose open file location.

You should now be in a folder with a load of shortcuts. Right click the word icon, choose properties then in the properties tab that pops up choose the compatibility tab, go to the bottom of this tab and click change settings for all users, in the new pop up window put a tick to run as an administrator and Enable this program to work with One Drive files (if you use One Drive) click apply and okay, shut the properties window.

Double click the Word icon then choose open new file all should now be working.

If anyone has any request for tutorials or fixes please visit and use the contact page

huw shields

How to set up a Minecraft server on Windows

image002Download the latest version of Minecraft Multiplayer Server from here




Create a folder call it Minecraft Server and place the file you have downloaded in to it.


Click the file Minecraft Server to run it ignore the waning and click run.


The Server will start briefly and then close having created a couple of files.


Double click the file named eula this will open notepad.


Change the word false to true, this indicates you have accepted the licence agreement. Go to File save and close the document.


Double click the Minecraft Server file and run it.


You will see a window like the one above the server is started.

Close the Server by clicking the cross in the right hand corner.

The default name for a Minecraft server is “A Minecraft Server” so lets change this to make it easier to find.

Open the file in the Minecraft Server folder named “server” this file should open in notepad as in the image below.


Go to the bottom of the file and change the text next to motd= to “Minecraft Test” without the quotes or whatever name you want to choose then go to file save and close the file.


Restart the server by double clicking the minecraft_server file.

Now start your Minecraft client and log in and click multiplayer.


Minecraft should now start scanning for games on your local network.


Mine craft should automatically pick up the server you have just created, click on it and login to play. If Minecraft does not pick up the server you need to add it manually this is always good practise anyway as it makes it easier for others in your household to connect to the server should they wish to.

Open up a command prompt “Windows 7 click start and type cmd in to the search box then press enter” “Windows 8 or 8.1 right click on the Windows logo in bottom left hand corner then click command prompt” there should now be a black box which has c:\users\your username

Put your mouse cursor in the box click and type “ipconfig /all” without the speech marks

Scroll to the line IPv4 Address there should be a number next to this similar to this is the IP address of your server keep this number it will allow others on your home network to connect to the server.


Now you have the IP address go back to the Minecraft client and click Add Server|

Under Server Name type Minecraft Test or the name you gave your server when you were setting it up.

Under Server Address type the IP Address you noted then click done.


Click on the Server you have just set up and join the game



Others on your home network should now be able to connect to the server, if they cannot get them to use direct connect and use the IP address.

The next post will be how to allow others from outside your home network to connect to your server.:-)















Google Search Tips and Tricks

Google Search

I am constantly amazed when people tell me they can’t find what they are looking for on Google or other search engines or they find too much information.
So here is the first tip:

  •  Open Google and type     google: search tips  in the search bar  this will return around 434,000,000 results. Ignore the first couple of results that have Google in the website address (they don’t seem to be very good at giving advice on how to use their search engine) and you will find a plethora of hints and tips to help you.

Here are a few I use myself on a regular basis.

  • If I wanted to find an artist named Roger Dean I would type artist:Dean


Then click images in the bar underneath and you will find images by the artist.

  • One of Googles best tricks is package tracking. Just type your tracking number in to the Google search bar and find out where your package is regardless of Courier.
  • Use quotes around search this will ensure Google returns results exactly as they have been typed not containing any of the words in a random order “a good man” will return 25,300,000 as opposed to a good man without quotes returns               1,450,000,000 probably not the best example but it means you should find what you are looking for in the first page of results.
  • Eliminate results you are not interested in by  using the minus sign
  • e.g. grumpy -cat returns different results to grumpy cat
  • Search within specific sites using site colon e.g. pensions   will only return results from