Create WordPress site to run locally on XAMPP

Create a Windows Test WordPress site to run locally on XAMPP.

This will give you the ability build your own website and test ideas, templates, etc.

XAMPP is an easy to install Apache distribution containing MySQL, PHP, and Perl. Download latest version from

Right click the installer and Run as administrator you will get a pop up that says “Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer” click Yes

The next popup warns about installing to C:\Program Files (x86) just click ok.


Click Next


Accept Defaults and click Next


Accept default and click Next


Click Next


Click Next


And wait while XAMPP installs


Click finish this will launch the Control Panel


Click Yes on the following window. The Control panel should now open.

You may receive a warning that Windows Firewall has blocked some features of this program, click Private Networks and Allow access.


Start Apache, Start MySQL

If all goes well you should end up with a window like the one below.


Please note Apache uses Port 80 if it does not start it is because something else is using that Port.


There are 2 main culprits if you click NETSTAT button on the right of the control panel it will bring up a list of Ports. Look for Port 80. In the image below you can see it is at the top “Port 80 PID 4 Name System ”


This is the World Wide Web Publishing Service to disable this service go to Windows Control Panel , Administrative Tools, Services scroll down to World Wide Web Publishing Service, double click to open settings click Stop, click Apply then change Startup type to manual. Apache will now start.


The second common culprit is Skype. Log out of Skype the reopen Skype.


Go to tools, Connection, and remove the tick from the box Use port 80 and 443 as alternatives for incoming connections and type 81 in the box above then click save. Apache will now start.


Installing WordPress.

First download the latest version of WordPress from

When the file has downloaded extract the file, the file will extract to a folder inside this folder there will be another folder called wordpress. Right click this folder and rename it wp ( this will save you lots of typing in the future)


Right click this folder and copy.

Navigate to C:\xampp\htdocs (or the location where you installed XAMPP)


Next setup SQL database. On the XAMPP control panel click Admin


This will bring up a browser window. Click New on the left.


Type in wp as below and choose utf8_unicode_ci   then click create. You will get message database has been created. Close the browser.


Open your preferred browser and type in to the address bar http://localhost/wp

Choose your language and click continue.



Fill form as below. The database is the one you created wp

Default Username is root, no password leave the rest as is.


Click run the install.


Fill in as you like then click Install WordPress.


Type in the username and password you chose in previous form and Log in.




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