Google Search Tips and Tricks

Google Search

I am constantly amazed when people tell me they can’t find what they are looking for on Google or other search engines or they find too much information.
So here is the first tip:

  •  Open Google and type     google: search tips  in the search bar  this will return around 434,000,000 results. Ignore the first couple of results that have Google in the website address (they don’t seem to be very good at giving advice on how to use their search engine) and you will find a plethora of hints and tips to help you.

Here are a few I use myself on a regular basis.

  • If I wanted to find an artist named Roger Dean I would type artist:Dean


Then click images in the bar underneath and you will find images by the artist.

  • One of Googles best tricks is package tracking. Just type your tracking number in to the Google search bar and find out where your package is regardless of Courier.
  • Use quotes around search this will ensure Google returns results exactly as they have been typed not containing any of the words in a random order “a good man” will return 25,300,000 as opposed to a good man without quotes returns               1,450,000,000 probably not the best example but it means you should find what you are looking for in the first page of results.
  • Eliminate results you are not interested in by  using the minus sign
  • e.g. grumpy -cat returns different results to grumpy cat
  • Search within specific sites using site colon e.g. pensions   will only return results from


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