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Home PC Services

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Home PC Services includes:

  • Virus and adware removal
  • File recovery
  • Disaster recovery
  • Password recovery
  • Data recovery
  • Wireless setup,  extended wireless setup
  • Data transfer
  • Backup
  • Safe disposal of PCs and laptops.
  • General health check and clean up
  • Reset to original factory settings
  • Web security – protect yourself and your family online

All data will be backed up before any major work is undertaken. As experts in IT security and data protection we will ensure once the work is completed to your satisfaction the backups will be securely deleted.

PC Callout = £5:00

PC Fix = £20.00

Within the Taunton area. If the equipment needs to be taken off site e.g. for extended virus scanning, file recovery, data recovery, data transfer or backup you will only be charged for the time actually spent working on the machine.

In most instances the equipment will be setup and left scanning, transferring data etc. this may take hours depending on the equipment but the engineer will only spend a limited amount of time setting up and checking.

Setting up new PCs, Laptops wireless networking should easily be done within the first hour. leaving time for tuition on any areas you require e.g. internet security, family safety online connecting/networking your PC to other devices laptops, Kindles, IPads, smart televisions and so on.




2 Comments to Home PC Services

  1. Morgan Short says:

    How much will it cost for a new HDD replace for an Aspire All in one desktop?

    • admin says:

      Hi Morgan,
      I just need a bit more information.
      What size is the current hard drive?
      Why are you replacing it?
      Do you need the operating system restoring?
      The labour costs will be £25.00 regardless excluding the cost of the hard drive.
      500gb around £40.00
      1TB £45.00
      2TB £70.00
      Regards Huw Shields
      Mobile: 07976024013
      Tel:01823 213804

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